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This is a bootleg trail running event in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park; just a group of runners getting together to dash through the woods.

The format:

Alpha Loop: about 8-ish miles, start time  8:15 am-ish

Beta Loop: about 6-ish miles, start time 10:15 am-ish

Gamma Loop: 4-ish miles, start time 11:45 am-ish

Delta Loop: 2-ish miles, start time 12:45 pm-ish

Run a loop or two. Invite your new-to-trail-running buddy to meet up and run a loop with you. Alternate loops with your spouse, and then have your kids join in and run the Delta loop as a family. Didn't train? That’s no Frick’n problem; just show up and run the Gamma loop. Mix it up whichever way you want. 

Or, run the Whole Mother Fricker.

 (Although you won’t get a T-shirt, a chinsy medal, or a Frick’n smiley face cookie.)

All loops will start and end at the big parking lot at the bottom of Frick Park. Look up “Frick Park Parking Lot” in Google Maps to find us.

There’s no need to commit, just show up and run whatever loop you Frick’n want. Loop start times are set so that anybody running a 15-minute mile pace or faster won't be left behind. Run faster and you get to rest, stretch, pick mud out of your ears, and fuel up for the next loop.

Clock it if you like because there's no Frick’n timer.

Registration? Fee? There is none. But when you come to the Mother Fricker you must bring at least  one non-perishable food donation, and at least one old running shoe in any condition. No kidding.

Seriously, bring a can of beans and a shoe.

There is no aid for this event. Show up and run like you do when training. Bring your own fuel and hydration (food and drinks). And first aid. And extra layers. 

No promises, but there may be a portable toilet for you to use, but you'll have to climb up into the bed of Chuck's pickup to use it.

You might want to bring a camp chair to the Mother Fricker for in between loops.

You might want trail shoes with big Frick’n lugs.

And like three pairs of socks, and maybe a snorkel.

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