Saturday, March 28

Alpha Loop: about 8 miles, start time 8 am

Beta Loop: about 6 miles, start time 10 am

Gamma Loop: 4 miles, start time 11:30 am

Delta Loop: 2 miles, start time 12:30 pm

the toughest trail running course Pittsburgh has to offer.

Scroll down for details.


the toughest 20 mother frick'n miles in pittsburgh.

All loops start and end at the big parking lot at the bottom of Frick Park. Look up “Frick Park Parking Lot” in Google Maps.

Clock it if you like because there's no Frick’n timer.

NO Registration, NO Fee.

To participate in the Mother Fricker you must bring at least one non-perishable food donation (for the food pantry), and a pair of shoes (for the homeless shelter) in any condition. No kidding. Seriously. Bring a can and shoes.

Bring your own fuel and hydration (food and drinks). We’ll have some snacks and a port-a-john for you to enjoy.


You might want to bring a camp chair to the Mother Fricker for in between loops.

You might want trail shoes with big Frick’n lugs.

And like three pairs of socks, and maybe a snorkel.

Running every inch of Frick Park since 2016, The Mother Fricker is an endurance run for people looking to have just another regular day in the park. 

Although the course loops change every year, the psychology of the sequence of the loops (8, 6, 4 & 2) has become its signature. 

The Mother Fricker aims to introduce people to new trails in Frick Park while literally and figuratively pushing boundaries.